To save this planet we must start with ourselves

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The numbers([1][2][3]) indicate that it is not the action of the individual that’s going to save this world. That our efforts are best spent pushing our government to create laws and rules for the big companies that are consuming and polluting the planet big time.

But I say no, we start with our selves because if we can discipline ourselves if our lives are defined by our efforts to save our future and our children’s future then demanding action from the big culprits becomes natural and necessary and unavoidable.

By keeping in mind our consumption of water when we shower, the destiny of the plastic when we buy our groceries, or our next pair of shoes or clothing, the production of CO2 when we decide where to go the next vacation. By actually sacrificing minor gains in our life we will build the mentality and moral high ground to demand the major efforts needed by our industries and politicians to save the species we are killing and the planet we are irreversibly warming up.

So yes, our showers and airplane travel barely move the needle but without actual awareness of them, without actual action by the individuals, we will never get the political effort needed to control the big guys.

If you can’t use a bike instead of a car out of a minor inconvenience, if you don’t feel the little pain of not purchasing the next phone how are they? whose pain of not exploiting the planet to make money is huge.

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