The post that has no meaning

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Is it like there is no more remembering
that we never honored what was once
what never did was
or its just memory of a forbidden history

Still gets me, when the air brings it
when my eyes get dry in the inside
to pour in silence, like a desert trying to become sea
the beach of old silences

But i never actually forgot it
for literary value of it, for its way to be a tale
the novel that i wanted to be written
but god wasn’t in the mood

It is there, never dying, never living
wondering where can I reach it
in my darkest hours
a gray unborn light

Days gone in a movie
weeks passed since then


Too many of them

but its a flow with another causeway

Because i live with life
and treasure it like it of my own

Because in the end
its all love
love for those that live

Memories for those that …

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