Religion and love by aliens

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Lets just marvel at the universe as the source of all creation, not in a god like fashion, not too much that we overexcite our selves about it and start a new bible with the universe mutated into a god, but in same way a child smells a scented flower.
Our imaginations carry the idea away a bit too much and it almost always gets people to do horrible things, destroying the beauty in front of you while trying to protect it. You humans can’t control your inner desire to be protected, to be loved by an unknownable figure and tend to corrupt the simple observation and wonder for all there is and there ever will be, turning it evil.

The same carried away imagination takes their love to dark places. Humans form an overidealized version of another human, based on feelings. I feel good about you, therefore you are great. I feel bad, you suck. Completely ignoring the underlying reality, blinded by their inhability to separate those things, mostly because feelings have a way of taking over the good judgement of a human.

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