Papá y Mamá

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I know its morbid i know he´s not dead
 he has my heart and pride
 i’ve grown in his advice i love him very much
while he was tinting his hair white and we never knew hunger
or missed anything important

he loved his work,
he loved his family
 he was in love with the first
 and the concept of the second

After a while my mother couldn’t take it
a women with broken dreams
would not stay with a broken man

she would leave him and that
 would break his heart
and so quite literally
that would leave them both stranded in their middle ages
 and that would force the girls and me
 to grow old and so we did,
 but not without scars
we would forever fight to break free of the love fears
sometimes it would reach us
and when it didn’t we missed that family,
we missed being part of it
being whole with a shiny man and a shiny women together in our hearts

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