On the why?

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An explanation is long due, and oddly enough the motivation is not this longevity nor a feeling of owing, it is a happy coincidence that in close examination is nothing but the consequence of a pattern behavior, but this time there are no angry strings pulling me away from the words, so here for you my whys.

Impossibility of the pumping one
The scars build resistance and immunity to ones weapons, the sweet adictive sugar of the longing also builds up these barriers, and as Tzun Tzu recommends, if a battle can’t be won, don’t fight it.
Napoleon destroyed the french navy ships, old greeks burnt their bridges, chinese never looked at road signs when they wanted to start anew walking through the country side.
You need to tame your self grandeur to resists the temptation of the fight, fights are always interesting and they train you, amuse you, but some simply can’t be won, so a strategic retreat should be made, and with it a policy of scorched earth so the path behind you is blocked off for good. With the soil burnt up nothing can grow and the passage through those lands loses its appeal.

Apology of the asthetics
The greatest sorrow comes when this realization arrives at a too late stage on the honey filling process, because well, you can’t keep it, you can’t use this sweetness source to spike the bitterness of life anymore. Its a borrowed resource that can, and will turn against you, so a quick drainage is on time and you must have the strength a kid has when the candy falls on the hands of an angry adult.
Finally i declare my must profound respect for the ability to blend with nature, to adorn everything surrounding your eyes and cheeks and and hair.
Don’t take this as cheap flattery but as an expression of something that can’t be contained, even if it seems as an invitation to visit the container itself, i assure it is not.
TLDR. the game enders are the the scar buildup and the impenetrability of matter applied to human longings.

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