Love in the XXI century

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Oh we love oh so much love and the heart ache of the unrepentant faithful heart
Oh it fills the void of god, to believe in something greater than our selves,
something we can’t deny that keeps coming back,
but oh how we failed,
how the force of that vaccum shining with a fake light blinds us to the reality of our emptyness
how a struck of real fulfillment keeps it alive giving no credit where credit is due

we love oh so much the lie,
the greater connection,
the immutability of our desires mistaken for predestination
just pasting a label with a random name on top of air
covering our inner storm, holding it back
painfuly stretching our insides
and deligthfuly
as musles, as igneous balloons
ready to pop at the slighest touch of reality
flimsy and delicate dreamy vapours joyfuly growing in isolation
until the test of a request breaks it
until the shock of the releases deflates it
leaving a joyless corpse
the tasteless blow of the nothingness that really is
with its label burnt
and its owner separated as galaxies from each other
impossibly long
with one living well beneath the inside of the atom
and the other on the edge of the cosmos
unreachable, forever
eternally disconnected
as real as fleeting thoughts
fucked up beyond repair
with no joint but these empty words
deceit, charades, mask and disappearing flare

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