In our defense

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The urge to write: “I have something worth it to say” you won’t be bored listening to this shit.

Should I blur my self with my love lust?
let go of my defenses with ease, effortless
to taste the scent of yours with a full committed heart?
here with the thought of you there

Oh, but you seem to have earned it
patient should be rewarded
the treasure of words play date
the privileged silly moments
so let me see in you the moment of eternity you are in me, with
my hands and mouth, 
my warm naked body

but I should get nothing.
I shall remain untouched, unease,
with nature’s will tamed as a symbol of civilization and true friendship
very desirable qualities on the poor state of human relationships today,
we should write each other letters with titles like:
Dear beloved friend:
To my dearest friend:
And in them, tell each other our deepest thoughts,
really one challenging another for fun and delight
With an honorable respect
with a simple heart
and the utmost faithfulness
as to prove our bond a work of true art
unmatched by any but humanity‘s most precious painting, sculptures, architecture, symphonies, dances and poems
and then, they will envy it
in awe of its raw reality
its unparalleled existance
for you, for me, and for the both of us

to: my dearest friend

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