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Y ahora una buena idea y mala idea con yako wako y dot.

Buena idea.
Hacer un post sobre tonterias que solo a usuarios de google les importa.

Mala idea.
Hacerlo en un blog que raramente visitan usuarios de google.

Las ultimas en lol talk, debemos recordar que los creadores y verdaderos regidores del idioma somos los gamers.

Lulz: lulz is corruption of lol, spam the chat saying this before using it. ie: i did it for the lulz
FTW: for the win, or inverse wtf, if wtf should be said when something is wrong, ftw when something is fricking cool, ie: gummy bears ftw!
nub: noob with a lazy touch.
baninate: new declination of this ever popular verbe.
rush: a general and continuous charge against the other team, when done properly its unstoppable.
prawn: the ever popular ownage in its latest form!
ftff: fuck the fucking fuckers, a phrase coinned in a documentary about the word fuck, use it when you are pissed about your lack of skills.
eye: as in eye r teh roxxorz!!!!1.
j00: as in joo r teh suxxorsz11! lol

This effectivly concludes our leason on l33t talk.