Quarantine makes you ghost-like

Categories filosoficción

I’m an expert in so little. I’m just an expert on my self. I am not an expert on everything like everybody else is these days. I even decided to lose expertice on opinions, too little effort too little reward, no value. So i decided to keep my self small, to grow if need be when need be for the moment that’s needed and that’s it.

They tell me that with this attitude, without selling expertice i would not build a career and i would be nothing. They told me that people, in this era, is what they work on. That money for rich people is the proof that they are. So in their lust to be they make money and making more money makes them more of them selves. Like fixing more shoes makes more of the shoe repair man, like that you are more successful, happier if you do more of your job like nobody else, that the ultimate success is fill the world of you.

I wonder if by being so little i’ll be more. This is my thing! being so few of me becomes my beingness so the less i am the more the world is full of me.
I guess being so far away in their islands makes people vanish and the world empty. The months turn people in a poof of nothigness and writing might, just might, provide sustance to my self, reinflate me words!