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The rolling stones sound on the background, at dusty old 70’s car with 2 guys in it:

-It’s like man, those people aren’t making any effort at all to try new stuff, man, they ahhh grow up, you know, their parents treat them right or whatever and then they just get stuck at some point in their lifes. Its like they say: fuck it man, i’m going to be like this the rest of my life, this so called “discovering your self” is pure bullshit i think this version of me works, and fuck it, i’m keeping it. Thats sad dude, that shouldn’t happen this day and age, i mean with so much shit around, so many things to do, we should just go for it, you know? surprise our selves and risk being the clown of the party, and i tell you dude thats what i truly believe.
-What are you talking about? people never change, yeah, sometimes they might do new stuff like a fucking hobbie or anything, but dude, you grow up with the same parents seeing the same shit every god damn day, and you get used to it FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and thats it you die with the personality of a 15 year old, we all do it, at least in this country.
-You are so negative, you have bad vibes man, not everybody is a rock with only negative feelings all day long thinking, oh my god the rain is coming again, i hate my rocky life. Some people just feel it and call it a day, its just how nature works.
-Yeah right…
-For real man, listen: i was like you, i thought life sucked but now i’ve grown and…
-You smoke pot every day for gods sake
-Thats part of it, its part of the, ahh, adventure…
-Adventure? what the fuck are you talking about?
-Let me finish, let me finish
-Common you know all you have is bullshit, but ok whatever do your thing
-Right, all i’m saying is: there are greys and whites man… not everything is black.
-You don’t know what are you talking about, you day dream all day and then you come to tell me you know all this shit about people’s philosophies? common get ata here

-Well… yeah?… that’s just like… your opinion, man.