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I’m of dry breadth
I sheer and collapse
With desert air
Like a paper alibi
To shake my fake desire
And run into my self
On a swing barely tried

I go lose with the seeds
A home my shore arise
oh tenants of my chest
And return me

Look, there’s air
Now you display
What I’ve gently asked
As your voice is mine


I asked ChatGPT to re-write it for clarity, this was the result:

I am out of breath,
I cut sharply and break down,
In the arid desert wind,
Like a fragile, insubstantial excuse,
To dismiss my superficial longing,
And confront my true self,
On a swing hardly used.

I scatter like seeds,
A home appears on my horizon,
Oh, inhabitants of my heart,
And rejuvenate me,
Bring me back to life.

Behold, there is air,
Now you reveal,
Exactly what I’ve quietly requested,
For your voice is also my own.

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