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Ch!ll’s coolest most awesome combos you’ll ever heard of.


  • Pirate/Vader
  • T-Rex/Ninja
  • Evil overlord/nanomachine
  • Jesus Zombie Hunter
  • Barman Physician
  • Multiple local cords singer-Singing human arp
  • Emergency response philosophers team
  • Kid’s entertainer Nazi Clown
  • Giant Carnivour Plant Butler


  • MacBook nuclear skateboard
  • Rocket powered shark
  • 200 megapixel color xray camera
  • 70’s Rollerblades rainbow raiders
  • Hair styler time machine
  • Underwater super collider Roller Coaster
  • Gummy bear keyboard
  • Porn touchscreen


  • PinguinDuckMonkey
  • KoalaKangarooPanda
  • BonzaiBaobab Tree
  • LadyBug Planet
  • Cookie making bacteria
  • Banana horned unicorn
  • Baby Kitty Chocolate Flower


  • Robot Dancing beatbox
  • Water Obstacule running (dont let the waves knock you off)
  • Naked Mountain Climbing
  • Outside Rain avoiding (water droplets must not touch you)
  • Karate Cloud Sculpting
  • Lesbian redhead electric guitar sex fight
  • Telekinetic Slinky upstair race
  • Epileptic sex
  • House appliances war
  • Hands French Kissing
  • Pillow Headphones

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