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Si me duermo ahora a lo mejor el mundo me olvida
y nadie me pide nada
todos se contentan con mi silencio
y tú nunca estuviste

Pueda flotar con el cuerpo desenlazado
sea el canto que se escapa de aquí
un camino aclarado
unas notas de un músico brillante inspirado
letras de otros escritores

un poema terminado.


They know about you
they can see you as i do
all of them going after you
the same i´d do
if i was near you

I bet they get as hurt is a do
they cringe with your shapes like i always do
i can’t picture it in any other way
i can’t see somebody not loving you

it’s a long list of people in my way
they are the whip showing me the way
you so many times you
at the end of this heart ache and disarray


I hate the never ending search
the quick to dismiss attention
a hunt for explosions
a huge lost debt

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