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It has come to my attention the fact that you are not delivering what it is requested of you, we are being buried in a mountain of your inadequacies mr. X, and i shall lie dead on a pool of my own money if i ever consider letting you get away with it.
That’s why in the name of righteousness i’m going to be forced to sufer what it is considered by all human standards in the known world as an insurmountable pain of the soul, for wich i don’t have a deep appreciation nor i’m a big fan of.
Please, i beg of you the mercy that has been denied in history for us dead lovers, who above all deserve nothing but the nicety of the sweet embrace of the moon, let us taste the silver ray where it hurts the less our karma but the most the justice infliged upon us.
In these circunstances i ask thy, your complete cooperation in the lieu of this project, hoping, that for me and you, and all that matters, this will be a huge success, a triumph of the mind of sorts, for both sakes, for the little respect reason has for our impulses, and as a last resort, with watered down stars:
Yours truly, Destiny

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