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I’ts like when a kid gets asked if he wants the first or the last of a list of candies, some kids choose the first some the last, and the smart ones choose the best. Idiots go for the easy thats what i learned first(or at home) choice, rebels go for the super new-lets-just-pick-the-most-annoying-one choice and us wise go for the most awesome one.
Here’s the deal, when the shit goes all hurrr hurr derp derp lovely lovely lumps lolololoolol iz all disney and shit, thats the time to go wtf… that some nice boring most commonly found shit ever it’s like going ape for a banana, it just dumbassy and idiotic cuz you know that shit is like the bread of every day and i’m too awesome to even be around that, i’m in life for the lulz and i get what? only middly interesting whinning. i’m out of there
Disregard previous post, WHAT A WAY TO GET OLD-FACED lololololol

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