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I believe the expectations of a regular behavior in good harmony with an ideal vision of society can be a great source of drainage of spiritual energy. I don’t feel above anybody but rather further advanced in the road to the true joyness of life, partially in theory, partially good results.

C-sections are the cleanest form to have a baby, you have a to get a nice clean cut, powerful in the stroke cut, to allow the newborn to flow out of the wound of his or her mother, in the same fashion when the needs of life are destroying us we should strive to walk peacefully to the other side, through enjoyment of the many little details every day provides as an excercise that leads to being able to coherse your self into liking that list of things that you need to checkout to get to the other side.

Thus you have a great need of an ideal moment in your life, but you know that in the meantime you got to be happy and have fun, and is this very change in the objective makes you realize the likes and bells and whistles of the heart must be dealt with swiftly and with as much expedience as possible, as to not drag any source of sadness to the rest of your life, and as a consequence you transform your self to a source of happiness that somebody someday will recognize, and you establish a preference for the simplicity of child like playing, learning to refrain from alloting thoughts and sighs to fundamentally broken endevours.

This writtings assume a totally invisible but very real existence.

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