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I rejoy for i have achieved liberation.
The plans have all fall down in a not particulary dramatic fashion, wich incidentally causes me to feel really numb about the tsunami of unsorted feelings deep within me.
Its a sensation of please-don’t-attemp-to-get-close-to-me kind sir.
It’ seems that i have a recollection of thoughts about you, but these thoughts are completely unrelated to any physical expresión of life signalling my body as a beacon of sorts uncapable of surrounding itself with markings that speak the truth and nothing but the pure and god forsaken truth, this is the most obvious conclusion to a series of intentions turned wrong on the people who actually wanted them to look serious, and by people i mean those living inside my head the days i’m even the slightest close to your existance be that closeness any means concieved by the mind of very very very bored people with too much energy in their hearts.

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