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And i couldn’t i couldnt i could not stand it, i had to run had to run and feel the air on my skin
so i ran and i a rainbow cried over me,
river flowing thorught my shadow on its slippery edges,
then it poured over me, on my figure growing and exploding
red, yellow blue, purple and neon night pink bright
green on green inside ballons throwing air around the bugs of flowery unshaped sunshines
in the dark it glowed with its stripes and its straws distorting the night around me,
then i vanished on a puff of colored smokes, carefully sailing the stars in the unending universe, the galaxies and supernovas with horse nebulas that i could ride everywhere with your hands on wide open arms hugging the youth of a new sky
It was our sky it was everyone’s,
everyone cheering.
We gave it back when the roots beging loving our wet feet
when the grass touched our bones and crickets welcomed our singing
when we died and it was ok, the story that never ended.

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