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Si solicita mi colaboración para insultar a alguien en ingles y ud. padece de sus facultades mentales use estos solos o combinados.

fuzzy, fuzzy gastric ulcer plastic, plastic howler monkey dickensian, dickensian fermentation bucket fungal, fungal bouncer contorted, contorted frock cancerous, cancerous insurance broker discredited, discredited freakface torn-up, torn-up flypaper stupefying, stupefying fluff three-way, three-way puddle insecure, insecure fruit fly bottle-fed, bottle-fed cloud of fart gas home-brewed, home-brewed hackberry stingy, stingy bat ruminant, ruminant politician shifty, shifty vomit high voltage, high voltage girl scout secondhand, secondhand measle two-a-penny, two-a-penny flaccidity greasy-haired, greasy-haired cat thievish, thievish fuckup pernicious, pernicious homo thunderous, thunderous hamster drowsing, drowsing dwarf knitted, knitted horse trader monotonic, monotonic g-string addlebrained, addlebrained midge sunburned, sunburned festered sore sexually-transmitted, sexually-transmitted haystack infernal, infernal airhead frumpish, frumpish agitationist aged, aged booger ratty, ratty gooseberry glaciated, glaciated nob fainthearted, fainthearted herpes sufferer ramshackle, ramshackle smegm-head disorganised, disorganised badger downmarket, downmarket codpiece motherless, motherless star spangled idiot wrongful, wrongful dolt antisocial, antisocial degenerate cavernous, cavernous genetic disease spotted, spotted gerbil lounging, lounging harlot short-winded, short-winded grocery replenishment assistant abscessed, abscessed bank manager genderless, genderless shoe squelched, squelched piece of slime flyblown, flyblown dewberry jarring, jarring pig common-kissing, common-kissing hoof flat-bottomed, flat-bottomed taxi-driver whiskery, whiskery buffoon woozy, woozy pigeon-egg chiffon, chiffon sheep overripe, overripe penis sticky, sticky nancy boy synaptic, synaptic clitoris ill-gotten, ill-gotten cannibal beat-up, beat-up hick gutless, gutless idiot spayed, spayed rectum putrid, putrid fairy floss imperceptible, imperceptible gimcrack dull, dull eyesore rootless, rootless fungus petticoated, petticoated lawyer dissembling, dissembling turkey old-world, old-world scut footsore, footsore spleenwort tailor-made, tailor-made dewberry disgraceful, disgraceful prawn bawling, bawling picolo player debilitated, debilitated clown third-rate, third-rate codpiece strung-out, strung-out hotelier, groggy, egg-shaped fungus stigmatic, overserious hooligan slitted, worrying dewberry overloaded, gauche fish cake pegged-down, pinch-spotted gimcrack niggling, coagulated boiler doddery, featureless shop assistant perfumed, nutty impacted fracture stretched, smoke-cured fossil ox-eyed, spotty frau arm-swinging, frowning hispanic salivary, wayward sucking chest wound fanciful, lowbrow hick comatose, distant duodenum impertinent, gussied gerbil short, rotten skunk tendentious, sun-dried wart just potty-trained, maggoty flea cross-eyed, unlawfully-begotten degenerate squealing, susurrant toilet cleaner sleazy, crabby clam gluttonous, rough-hewn lewdster snuffly, bellyless jerk stimulated, rank garbage can queen-sized, two-ply gutter slut home-baked, wobbling hairpiece friendless, thumping badger tarnished, inoperable gorilla blind, reclusive taxi-driver spoiled, amateur mullet lumpen, ulcerous herpes sufferer debased, blowsy herdsman shagged-out, grease-covered honkey brainwashed, ghostly rat selfish, drear gooseberry writhing, forlorn horse’s arse out of breath, half-bound toe-jam bodyless, bucktooth flummery decomposing, scaly agitationist camel-toed, mucoid old woman stearic, two-faced gurnard contagious, puke-inducing bitch suety, rule-governed haystack mammering, snobbish recidivist infected, abominable hard-boiled egg failed, dim-witted fumbler shivering, short-range midge horrendous, pungent freebooter obsolescent, boozy felcher drugged, left-wing camel clinking, testicle-shitting horse fly after-school, myopathic fungal infection inebriated, necrotic dolt self-contradictory, marinated in piss gossiper jittery, low-down hamster arboreal, mince-faced crack whore plastered, disfigured head louse sneaking, truculent jizz receptacle featherbrained, creaking fuckup churlish, egotistic boar-pig bacchanal, down in the mouth corpse acrid, vain hog-nose compulsive, dismissible flaccidity onerous, balding meat flapper schizoid, funerary fleapit mendicant, freakish flycatcher ignominious, pestilential girl scout droopy, noxious puttock nonelective, shuddering pussing boil manky, tongue-tied idiot bird-brained, embroidered bartender errhine, derelict floozy long-headed, immature spunk slut nameless, sorrowing sucker strange, light-fingered hackberry gonadal , sterling queen.

Uselos con moderación para contarle su opinión a ese gringo que trato de ligarsela o que le quito su ligue.

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